Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow what a change!

We went from wonderfully sunny warm weather to nasty cold again. I'm hoping this is the last time it dips down like this,this season. We are in for a warm up again starting today. Thank God!

I want to ask for ya'll to remember my dad in your prayers. He's having problems with 2 severe buldging discs in his back and it's causing severe pain on his left side. So much so that he can't even walk up a set of stairs. It's been an uphill battle with the doctors around here. He's got an appointment with his family doctor today and Lord willing will be going to WVU hospital to see a specialist. He will most likely have to have surgery to correct the discs. This is the first time my dad would have to have anything done. He's been a very healthy man and still is,please keep him in your prayers if you will.

John has a check up with our doctor today. I always get a little nervous every time he goes,ever since his cancer diagnosis over 10 years ago. My stomach has been doing flip flops all morning.

I think I'm going to take advantage of the clear skies today and hang some laundry. I'm a bit behind in the laundry department. Partly because I have been so busy lately.

We have doctor appointments going on most of the week this week. Yesterday was B's appointment about his collar bone,all is good on that end and he's very happy to be out of that sling. So much so he threw it away before leaving the doctor's office. LOL

Well looks like I'm out of time this morning. I have to get my little up and ready for school.

God Bless,