Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain,Rain,Go Away!

It's a soggy,foggy grey morning,oh I'm so ready for some warm and sunshine and nice warm breezes. I know in due time Tammy in due time. God has everything set in cycles where one sets up for the next. So all the rain and muddy outsides are going to lead to sweet smelling flowers and a nice bountiful garden.

It's just Little C and myself this morning. John worked midnights last night and is going to be in bed most of the morning and afternoon. I am planning on going to the grocery store but I'm really having second thoughts about it now with all the rain. I have to carry that stuff up by myself,unless.......hmmmmm I could pick my oldest son J up from his friends house when I get back to help me carry the stuff up. Little C is looking forward to it just being she and I going so I don't want to let her down and not go today. Plus she learns a little every time about groceries and shopping and budgets. The last time she asked me "Mommy,why do you take that calculator with you all the time" I told her to make sure I don't spend to much. That satisfied her.

I do believe that starting Monday I am going to start some Spring cleaning around here. Just get the walls and stuff washed down,they need it. They also need painted but that will come another time,we have more pressing issues to attend to here. Now that we finally own this place,there's alot of things that need fixed,redone,or updates. The list is endless!

Well looks like I'm out of time this morning.

God Bless,