Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cooler Tuesday

All the storms that came through yesterday brought with them much cooler temperatures. They are a welcome change to the awfully humid hot days we have been having. I have the house all dusted today and some other chores done. J is at football practice and I'm doing laundry. I thought it would be a hoot for ya'll to see me at work running clothes through the wringer on my washer today. So B took a picture of me while I was working....

It's in our basement, I keep it by the door so I can open up the door and drain it in the drain we have right by the door. It works best for me,plus I can just pick up the baskets and right out the door to the clothes lines. By the way one of my lines broke yesterday in one of the storms so I have to replace it. : (

God Bless,


SimpleMommy said...

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