Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Productive Wednesday

Good afternoon everyone. The cooler temperatures are still with us but the sun is out and nice breeze is blowing making it very nice to hang the laundry to dry.

I have had a pretty productive day today. I got most of the household chores done early and 3 loads washed before noon. I'm not taking a break to blog for a bit while eating a sandwich. I have the pinto beans cooking and will make the dinner rolls very soon. I'm thinking of maybe putting some cheese and a bit of garlic in the middle of each roll as I'm preparing them. If I do it I'll let you know how it turns out.

B cut his half of the grass already and we are now waiting for J to get out there and get his half done and the weed eating.

I've had a couple of questions asked by commenter, I'm going to address those on this post.

Laura asked why I'm using the wringer washer and not my automatic washer. My automatic washer's motor went bye bye. And instead of going into more debt to go right out and buy another washer, I had that old wringer washer that I've used a few times in the basement and checked it out to see if it was still usable. Needless to say it was and is and thank the Lord it is. We are saving for a new washer, I really want a front loader because it uses less energy and such than the top loading ones do,so that's what we are saving for. Until then it's me and the wringer washer. LOL

Ianelle I didn't address the dad's in my post about girls and modest dress because I was speaking from the point of a mother and a woman. But I agree with you the dad's should step in and do something. If you would like to read the post here it is What's Going On!