Monday, June 16, 2008

Rainy Monday

Good morning everyone. I woke up to a bang this morning,a very loud bang. It started storming early this morning and the thunder was so loud and low that it woke me up from a deep sleep. Our inside dog Princess doesn't even want to go out in this stuff. The only thing I wish I would have taken the clothes from the lines and while they were still damp and tossed them in the dryer. Now they are dripping wet on the lines. Oh well I suppose that I could think of it as they are getting another rinsing.

I found myself yesterday silently complaining about my laundry circumstances. Saying I hate doing this,it takes to long, to much of my time. Even complaining that the kids seem to be going through to much laundry. I did speak with them about that,but before that. I started thinking of graditude and being happy with what I have. And how many others out there don't aren't able to wash clothes at home. I then took a step back and seen the blessing in what I was doing. No I don't have an automatic washer right now but I'm still blessing my family with clean clothes. They are not going without and I'm working hard to make sure they have what they need. I'm thankful to have that wringer washer so that I'm able to provide my family with that basic need.

I have to take J to football practice soon and come back exercise and work on some household chores,then after I pick him up,bring him home and feed him. We are heading over to the church to help. I suppose that even if it's storming we will be able to work inside. We are trying to get the basement cleaned and cleared out,they are going to make a nice kitchen area for us women folk to work when we have get togethers and the rest will be a multi-purpose room. It's going to be so nice when it's complete.

Well it's storming pretty bad here now so I ought to be getting off here and shut down the computer.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I would like you racontier some m├ęsanture with your washer wringer. lol ...