Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday's Rambling

Good day everyone! I'm sitting here trying to stay cool,it's very hazy out and not pleasant to be outdoors at all. But there's things that must be done so we have to bare the heat and humidity to get them done.

I have to get some work done in our strawberry patch,I went out to check on the patch as I do from time to time. Well while I was there I notice several new runners reaching out all over. I have officially more than doubled the patch since last season. I'm so pleased with this. I have some compost manure to lay out in it and tend to get some of that done today Lord willing.

Yesterday Little C and I went to The Good Will after I dropped J off at football practice. I did very well there. I got about 9 or 10 very nice skirts and Little C found a couple for herself as well. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have any more for Little C but we will make more trips there this summer and hopefully have better luck for her. What I spent there for all that was about what I would have spent at Walmart for one outfit. I was very happy. I was being a good steward with my husbands money. : )

Tomorrow we will be going to meet with my dad to see the new church. I can't wait for it to officially open. J has a birthday party to attend and then he's spending the night with his friend, I'll have to pick him up early Sunday morning. We are planning on taking my dad and John out for lunch someplace really nice for Father's Day.

I do believe that I have finally gotten a system that is working out well for me with the wringer washer. I'm use to doing laundry every day but with this washer it was to much for me because you have to be more attentive to it,it was taking up to much of my time tending to the laundry daily. So now I do it every other day or two,I washed up 3 loads of clothes yesterday evening,alot of it was what I got at Good Will. I got all 3 loads washed,rinsed, and hung out on the line to dry before dinner was finished.

I'm out of time now and have to get back to work here.

God Bless,