Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fifth Disease

I had to take Little C to the doctor this morning. Yesterday she started getting a rash on her face,by the evening it was worse and down her neck,on her ears and behind her ears and was extremely itchy. I gave her Zyrtec and put calamine lotion and then medicated powder on it but it didn't seem to help.

After taking her to the doctor they told me she has Fifth Disease ,to top it,they said it's contagious but once it reaches the rash stage (where she is now) it's no longer contagious. We had no idea she was sick. She had no symptoms at all until the rash.

She's on steroids for the itching and they are helping a lot and she's still taking the Zyrtec.

I took a few pictures of her face this afternoon,this is mild compared to what it was like yesterday evening and this morning....


MrsCatherine said...

Dearest Tammy,

Thank you for the vine name...I'm not sure that is what mine is called but if it were The Star of Bethlehem Vine...that I would remember!! What a neat name. I tried doing research on the vine and could not find anything on it. I will keep trying. That would be a neat addition!

I'll remember the name once I see the vine bloom. Can I blame it on getting older?! ~smiling~ I thought I had saved the package - I do try to do that knowing how quickly I can forget when moving on to the next batch of seeds to start.

I have never heard of Fifth Disease. Did the doctor say how it starts and when it ends? I know you mentioned it was contagious until a certain point.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Love and God's Blessings,

Tammy said...

Hi Cat,

I wish I had a picture of the vine when it's in bloom. I know they look like the perfect star and are a nice bright either red or pink. I just got mine a couple of weeks ago and they haven't bloomed yet,maybe not until next season. I have seen her's though and I loved them,always said how pretty I thought they were each time we would visit with her,then this last time she went out and gathered some to give to me. I was so tickeled.

The only thing the doctor told me was that it was no longer contagious when the rash breaks out and he did say that it's most common in children ages 2 - 5 years. Seen most often in children in day care. That is totally understandable since it's so contagious. And since my children have never been in day care and are home with me all the time they are/were more protected and that's more than likely why she got it at age 6 which by his knowledge is less common.

God Bless,

Kimberley said...

My daughter also had the Fifth Disease this year, it happened at the end of the school year. I never even realized that she was sick too. Thank goodness it is a short-lived illness!

Tammy said...

Hi Kimberly,

How long did it take for your daughter to completely clear up. Little C is much better but still has a bit of a rash,not really on her face so much but her arms,legs,and lower back. She stratches them and now she's got stratch marks that bleed sometimes. It drives her nuts and no matter what I've tried to give her to help it doesn't. Any tips?

God Bless,