Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have a few minutes free and thought I would get on here and put up a quick blog post. We had a few severe storm come through our area last night and this morning,lots of hard rain,strong winds,thunder and dangerous lightening. It goes from dry as a bone for a couple of weeks to storms galore.

Lately the clutter cutter bug has hit me and I have been going through things that getting rid of stuff we don't need or use any longer. This morning I went through our sliver ware,cleaned the drawer and holder and got rid of a lot of it. It's much more organized now.

We have to take B to the WVU pediatric cardiologist for his 2 year checkup. He has a leaky valve and Lord willing her will never have to go back if it's healed on it own or has not gotten worse. We are praying for a healing.

I'm sorry this is so short but I have to go and get John up,he worked a double last night and has to be back in by 2.

God bless,