Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving on and new plantings

It's been an emotionally hard week for our family and that's the reason for my absence. I just needed to be there for my family as much as I could. The visual was Sunday and the funeral was Monday. It was hard but we know he's going to be with our heavenly father and that makes it easier but we still mourn him and will for some time to come. He was a wonderful man and was loved by so many.

While in Parkersburg John and I stayed with his grandmother. I just love that woman to peaces. She's an awesome person! She and I share a love for gardening and the Lord. And often talk about it when we are together. Well both times we have been down there she's given me plantings from her flower garden. I'm so tickled to get these because I'm starting from scratch again,we have been doing so much remodeling to our house that I let the landscaping go by the way side. While we are still working on the house and have alot of work to do I'm do some landscaping here and there. Just to give the place some much needed color.

This time she gave me several plantings one was a butterfly bush.

I planted it along the front of our deck so we can enjoy frequent visits from beautiful butterflies. She gave me a few of another one but I can't remember the name right now. I also got a couple more cypress vines or humming bird vines.

Post Update: The other plantings she gave me are Moon Flowers

The last bit that she gave me are doing great and a few have since bloomed. She also gave me alot of Lavender seeds.

I'm going to wait until probably next year to plant these mostly because I'm not sure where to plant them yet. LOL

Time to get busy here.

God Bless,