Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chilly Morning,school and running myself tired!

WOW! I got up this morning at my usual time 6:30,I got the coffee on and let Princess out to potty,when I got out there I couldn't believe how chilly it was. It feels more like a fall morning than a summer one and in August to boot.

J made varsity he's so tickled and proud of himself and should be that's a great thing for a Sophomore. I picked him up yesterday evening from practice and we headed for the mall. I spent less than 200.00 dollars for all he needs for school and that includes his shoes. Felt great! I have Little C pretty well finished with a few odds and ends to pick up and maybe a couple more dresses if I can find any modest ones. B I am taking him next weekend to get him finished but I did get his shoes last night. I took J to shoe carnival and decided to go ahead to get B's shoes to save some money. I know what he wanted so I knew what to look for. I was able to get one pair at the sale price and the other for half off. If I would have waited until next weekend to get them for B I would have not gotten them for the deal I did.

I think that with everything going on right now with the kids and their activities,the house,and the loss our family has gone through this year,I'm feeling the drain on my body. I'm mentally tired as well. I know the Lord is not going to put on my shoulders than I can bare so I know I will be fine. And I think that once the kids start back to school some of the stress with be alleviated or at least shifted. : )

The plantings are doing ok. I thought I was going to lose them for a while there but they seem to be get a new boost now,the centers and now all around the stems of the moon flower was looking awful and I thought I lost them,but I noticed this morning that they are looking healthier and new looking leaves are standing up straight. So we shall see. I want to pick up some plant food to give them a boost, I thought I still had some here but evidently I used it all up.

We have church today so after we get home a little relaxing and then we have to get ready and head out the door. We missed last week due to Grandpa's passing.

It's about that time so I'm going to head off here and get my boy to the football practice or whatever you would call today. LOL

God Bless,