Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not sure how to title this one....

I know I've been a bit absence in my cyber world this week. We received a phone call early Tuesday morning,it was John's aunt. She told me (John was at work) that Grandpa John was rushed to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown,WV. She told me that he has bleeding the brain. Later John's cousin called me and told that they were rushing him to surgery,he has an aneurysm and a blood clot and that they were going to try to go in and place a wire in the blood vessel to relieve the pressure on his brain. I then get a phone call a couple hours later stating the surgeon didn't think he would survive the surgery,then that they couldn't finished the surgery because the clot moved and they couldn't finish.

John rushed home after being told he only had a short time to live. We finally got to the hospital and he seemed to be doing better. He acknowledged when we were there by squeezing our hand and he would look at us when we spoke to him. I can't tell you how heart breaking it is to see this once strong man laying in that bed looking so weak and helpless. The Lord is giving us strength through it all.

We came home later that evening and then the next day we received a call from his aunt,saying that they are calling the family. They are going to remove the breathing tube and want us all to be there just in case. After we all got there,they removed it and called us all back to him to say our good byes. That is the hardest part,saying good bye to someone you love so very much. But God knew our hurt and he knew our need and sent the church chaplain in to pray with us. We are so thankful for that.

This morning our latest news from the hospital is that he has stopped breathing and is fading.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Give us strength in our hour of need. Comfort us and hold us up when we are weak.

In the name of Jesus,Amen.

God Bless,