Monday, August 4, 2008

Football,Kitchen remodeling and more....

Good morning everyone. I dropped J off this morning for his first official day of the 2008 high school football season. He had football camp in June, and lifting through the year but today is the first 2 a day. Little C has her first cheer practice this evening as well. So my schedule is now going to be a bit more busy.

I still have to do the school shopping for clothes for the kids. They have a few things already that are in great shape but still need a few more things. J has grown out of most of his jeans so he's going to need all new ones. I'm hoping to get to JC Penny when they have buy one get one or buy one get one for a dollar sales. That's how I get most of their shopping done and spend a minimal amount of money doing it.

We now have part of the cabinets ripped out and will finish up most of the dry wall today,Lord willing. We would have had more done but John and my dad have been splitting time with here and our church. Now that the things that were needed to be done at the church are finished,the kitchen will begin moving along much quicker. I can't wait,everything is in my living room that was in my kitchen and I can't wait to get it all cleaned out of there.

I'm going to go for now,I hope you have a great Monday where ever you may be.

God Bless,