Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy Friday

I thought that yesterday was going to be my normal Friday morning and afternoon. Cleaning,desk work,menus,shopping lists and running a few errands. I have a friend that was coming over early yesterday morning after I came back from taking Little C to school,to visit for a spell and see our cabinets. She called me while on her way to our house to make sure I was home and to invite me to breakfast. So we left and went to breakfast,enjoyed nice conversation and some time away from my normal Friday routine.

When I got back,I did my desk work and then grabbed my list and had to run to pick up some wrapping paper and card to wrap the gift we got for a wedding we are attending today. When I got back and changed out the laundry,I started to begin to paint the wood around our window in the kitchen when the phone rang again. It was my mother this time. She invited me out to lunch. I picked her up and she took me to Chinese. It was nice spending some time with her as we don't get to do that as often as we use to do.

Then we visited with my cousin in the hospital for a while. You could feel that she was needing a visit from loved ones. She was feeling down and alone. We stayed as long as we could,but once the nurses and such started coming in prepping her for her next test we thought it was time to go. So a hug and kiss goodbye and we were off again.

I took her home and then headed home myself. I transferred the laundry and then finally started painting the trim around the window. LOL By this time John was coming up the driveway. He came in and I told him about my day and how I just got home maybe about 20 minutes before him. LOL

It was a full day but a blessed day with family and friends.

God Bless,