Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning Ramblings

I woke up early this morning and got the coffee going and then took Princess out to potty. I walked around to the side of our house to sit on the deck and noticed the chill in the air. The cold was evident and frost on the window of our vehicles,I could feel the chill when I took a deep breathe. It was a clean cold feeling,it's quiet at that time in the morning,not very many cars going by on the highway. So quiet with the occasional bird in the trees or zooming by to it's next adventure. It's very easy to have a clear head in times like this and things that may have been bugging you are oh so easy to see.

The wedding was so nice,simplistic but elegant all at the same time. She looked lovely and he was handsome. It was all so sweet. We didn't go to the reception but allowed Little C and B to go with their grandparents,J wanted to come home with us.

We got home and John started working on the ceiling in the kitchen,we would not normally work on Saturday but I suppose he's feeling the crunch to get it done. We also didn't get to church last night,we were waiting for John's parents to bring back our children. I never thought it would take that long there. We were suppose to hold services at an elders home because they can't get to the church,and since our congregation is just starting out and still small enough to do that it's not a problem.

The kitchen is really coming along,I know I keep saying that but it is. We are hoping to have the ceiling painted today and Lord willing the walls this week. I will be doing the walls and John the ceiling. The flooring and a few other things are going to be put on hold until after the first of the year as the holidays are approaching quickly we need to put our extra income into them.

So the plan for today are to Lord willing get the ceiling done.

Dinner tonight will be Roasted turkey,stuffing,mash potatoes,gravy,rolls,green beans.

My plan this week with our dinner menu is to use this turkey for as many meals as I can. I have a menu made out and have 4 days worth of meals using it. If planned right (and I'm going to divide the meat up so stretch it) then it should be not problem.

God Bless,