Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Post

I'm waiting for the paint to dry around the window in the kitchen so I can add another coat so I thought while I am waiting I would put up a quick blog update.

My cousin is in the hospital,she's been in there for 11 days now. Her pancreas is inflamed and some other things. She's very young on in her early 20's with a baby boy 1 yr old. She's feeling a bit down right now being away from him and stuck in the hospital and the doctor not telling her when she will be released. Please say a prayer for her.

We are now in the prepping stage for the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. This weekend we are hoping to have the ceiling finished as well the walls painted. Then we are going to hold off on the rest,we have 4 more cabinets to get but nothing that can't wait and flooring to put in. But like I said that stuff can wait until after the first of the year. Christmas is coming quickly and it's time for us to start prepping for that.

From where I'm standing I'm wondering how on Earth we are going to handle Christmas. With prices being so high on basics and the utilities are going up yet again this year. It's a very scary time. But I trust in the Lord and I know that we will be ok. We may have to pair down the gift giving this year,we will have to see.

J is way up in the tip of the Northern panhandle tonight,they have a game at a school called Oak Glenn. Not sure where it is or anything about it. But he's not going to be home until around 2 am.

Well it's time for to check and see if the paint has finished drying.

God Bless,