Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday's Rambles

Good morning everyone! The sun is beginning to peak over the hill tops and soon it will fill our little valley we are in and begin warming it up a bit. I really enjoy living here but it does stay cooler than all around us once the sun moves over the hill,we are darker and cooler much quicker.

John didn't get to go to church with us last night. He was home in bed sick. We had prayer for him and I am confident that this bug or cold or whatever it may be will pass him by quickly. We are praying for the Lord to bring in a band to play and singers. We are a small country church and we are just beginning again after the doors being closed for a few years. I know the Lord will being in singers and a band to play and more people that are hungry to hear about Jesus and the word of God.

I found out last night that my grandpa has a tumor on his spine. We prayed for him last night and I would be grateful for as many prayers as we can get for him. His name is Wesley and they are talking about doing surgery on his spine to remove the tumor. I know that God can dissolve the tumor and the surgery will not be necessary,please pray for a miracle and God's will to be done.

I hear my dog barking for me outside so I need to tend to her.

God Bless,