Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interesting talk with my son

John is down with a bad cold and I got up this morning and got ready so I could go and get him some medicine. I took B with me and on the way we had a very nice talk. He asked me about God and if he was in Heaven or just no where before he was in my belly. I of course told him my views on and our beliefs.

I told him that I believe that he was an angle in Heaven and that the Lord knew who his mom and dad were to be and that he stayed in Heaven until the time came for the Lord to bring him to Earth through me. I went on to tell him that the Lord knows our life from beginning to end he knows the number of hairs on our head.

I told him that what our job is to do on this Earth until we are with him again. Is to stay close to him,to love him,and worship him,to study is word and live our life based on his words the Holy Bible and to pray for the Lord to guide you and show you what work he would have for you and to guide you down the path he would have you go. I also told him after being asked about marriage and stuff. I told him that I believe the Lord has someone special out there for him as well as my other two children and that someone will come into their lives when the Lord says it's time to. I told him that the woman that the Lord will have for him will a good woman,that will be his helpmate,to work along side of him in his work for the Lord and what ever he does in his life. She will a support for him.

He really got the talk in a way I was so proud. He is really growing up so fast but I am so proud to know that he knows the Lord and that his relationship with the Lord will only grow as time goes on.

God Bless,