Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday's Rambling

Good morning everyone. We have another cold morning here in NCWV. John came home from work this morning and said that they are saying in the paper that November and December are going to be very cold,then a warming spell then get cold again. Not music to my years 1.I hate the cold weather 2. YIKES,the heating bill! I am so thankful that we now have the kitchen well insulated and new windows throughout the house. All the rooms are well insulated now but ours and the bathroom. Thank The Lord!

I am going to be going more and more by my 5 week cold weather menu,my plan is to do the majority of our shopping once a month,get what I need and only have to go back for milk and eggs and such. I'm curious as to how much more that will save us in grocery costs. Does anyone shop monthly that use to shop weekly or biweekly,if so would you be so kind as to tell us your opinions. Does it save you and your family money? Was it very difficult to move to monthly shopping? I am looking forward to hearing from people that have made the transition.

I started a new afghan a couple months back but it got so hot out that I put it away. Now is a good time to pull that out again and work on when I can. I love crocheting,it's so relaxing and rewarding. To the the fruits of your labor right before your eyes. A beautiful creation that you made with your two hands,come together line by line or piece by piece. Then to be able to use what you made to for your family,awesome!

So it's been a year since I started Blessings Abundant. Hard to believe a year has already passed. I have several regular readers,thank you so much,that means so much to me. I only wish I had more to comment,I would love to get to know others out there. I have been doing this pretty much solo for a long while now and it rather lonely out here.

God Bless,