Friday, November 14, 2008

Do something for yourself

We get so busy taking care of our families and our home that we often neglect ourselves. I am guilty of this myself. I love doing little things like giving myself facials,doing my nails,ect and my husband like it when I'm taking care of myself like this. I just get so busy that I don't take that time to do it even though it wouldn't take much of my time,I seem to find reason's not to do it.

So what I'm going to start doing it scheduling in time for these types of things. If you do this you'll be more likely to do it,don't skip do it. You'll feel so much better about yourself and I'll bet your husband will enjoy it to.

Things I will include are daily workouts (yes I know its on my list but I don't do it all the time),shaping my eyebrows,getting my facials (at home),getting manicures and pedicures (at home of course),deep conditioning my hair,getting my hair done.

These things will only take a short time to complete and some are not to be done on a weekly basis but it's important to take the time to do them for yourself.

God Bless,


Woman's Essence said...

Hi Tammy, I totally agree with you. It seems when my children were younger I used to make more time for this and once they were tucked in bed for the night it was then my "mommy time". Over the years as they've gotten older and staying up later making me feel like my days never end and unfortunately I feel I've lost that special time for just me. I think it's important to take extra care of ourselves and schedule in time to make ourselves feel special because as mother's and women we are :) When we do we feel happier, more relaxed and better able to take on the duties in our home. P.S. (I'm happy to hear your little one is doing better.) Blessings to you and Happy Pampering :) Linda

Tammy said...

Hi Linda,

Well said! I agree and that's why I say maybe we need to schedule it in,just to make sure we don't forget it or let it slide. Just like with other things in our lives we write it down to make sure we get it done.

God Bless,