Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rainy day and update on little C

We are getting rain,much needed rain. John came home not long ago from work and said that it was raining hard when he left but then calmed down to a drizzle by the time he got home. Our area (as well as others) are still in a drought even this late in the season. So the rain is a nice sight to see.

I think I am going to do some baking today,maybe some brownies for desert tonight or maybe some cookies of some kind. Not sure yet. Since it's rainy and dreary out it's nice to warm up the house by baking and adding the yummy smells of fresh baked deserts! I also need to get the Lasagna assembled so that I can put it in the oven before I leave to pick up B from practice and it will be ready shortly after we get home.

Little C has been taking more of an interest in cooking lately. When I'm in the kitchen she has been right by my side asking questions and wanting to help. I let her do some stuff and now she's very eager to learn how to cook. I am letting her work with me while cooking. As well as cleaning up things,she's not as eager for that one but if willing to learn. I do have to admit that it will be nice to have the help in the home on a regular basis.

I took Little C to the doctor yesterday morning and had her foot checked out. They took some x rays and nothing was broken or anything like that. They sent us home with a wrap and a diagnosis of a bruised foot. I'm glad it was nothing serious and I really didn't feel like it was. Little C is a very dramatic little girl and will play a card until she no longer can. I think he foot was hurting but she seen the attention that she was getting from everyone and played it on.

I'm officially out of blogging time,Little C is now up so I must be on my way!

God Bless,