Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hurt foot and planning

Well it's cold out and has been cold for a few days now. I guess the warm spell spoiled me because I'm really not liking the cold,even more so than I normally do. Trying to keep the heat down to a reasonable level and still keep the house warm enough for the kids. They didn't have school yesterday, I was running around all day turning off lights and tv's and stereos. They have been told and taught not to leave them on when they leave a room and they are not going right back but they seem to always forget. OY!

Little C woke up yesterday complaining that her right foot was hurting her. I thought that maybe she slept on it wrong or hurt it the day before while playing and didn't realize it. I noticed yesterday evening that she was still limping on it and when I asked her about she said it still hurt. I looked at it but couldn't see anything so I'm taking her to the doctor this morning so they can take a look at it.

I have been doing some holiday shopping lately. Aldi's is having really great buys on toys and stuff. I couldn't believe it! I seen their add for this week and seen a few other things I want to get,a couple not for Christmas gifts but birthday's that are right around the first part of the year. Why not plan ahead and save!

B is wrestling,the first day of practice was Monday. He said he loves it even more than football. I told him that maybe he has found his thing. This is good because everything he's done in the past his brother has done before him and he was compared to his brother. Not fair yes I know but such is life at times. Wrestling is something J has never done so it's all B's.

I should get off here and finish getting ready for my day.

God Bless,