Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday!

And you know what that means! It's the start of a fresh new week for us. We can get out our schedules and get to work. What do you do on Monday's? Make this week count,hit that to do list and get as much of it completed as you can,move a little for your hearts sake,do your nails or give yourself a facial you'll feel so great about yourself. I know you can do it so come on ladies lets get to work!!!!


I feel so good this morning. Even though first thing this morning I had to referee an argument between my two oldest sons. I seem to be repeating the phrase if you can say anything nice at all don't say anything at all. They have been doing so well for the past couple weeks and then poof this morning it was gone. Still that did not break my good mood.

I got Little C up and ready for school and we walked outside and it was snowing and cold. Still I'm loving this morning. I'm ready to tackle my day. When I get finish blogging I'm going to get my workout finished and out of the way for today and then jump in the shower to wash the stink off. Then tackle my house!

Oh one thing I wanted to mention was... I went to Walmart this weekend twice. Friday I went because that's when I have been doing our shopping for the week. Well I have to get dog food and they were out of the dog food we feed out dogs. So I thought no biggie we will just run back up here Saturday after church. Well they were still out Saturday night and not only on dog food but also butter. They had hardly any bar butter left. I asked the sales associate working in the pet food aisle what was going on. She told us that they are having a hard time getting things from the warehouse. Not sure why or what that means but I thought it odd that Walmart of all places are running short or out of things.

God Bless,