Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Monday

We didn't get to go to church yesterday for either service. The weather here turned bad. The weather people on the news said just an inch here and there with a total of 2 to 4. No biggie,but it started snowing early yesterday morning and hasn't stopped snowing yet. The roads got bad and there were alot of wrecks. John had to go into work last night and I had him call me when he got there,he said it was really bad out and he had a scare a few times on his way there.

So here's the 2 to 4 inches total that we were suppose to get. LOL

The view from our deck.

This is from our back yard see how close we are to the woods. It's less than 20 feet from our back yard. It's rather pretty to look out as long as I'm safe at home. I'm not to fond of winter weather.

Wednesday is my appointment with the surgeon. I'm a little nervous and anxious because I want some relief to very much. I'm now showing signs of weakness in my left leg. I guess all the months of pain are starting to show on my body.

I sat down this morning and wrote out every single thing I could think of about my condition and how it's effecting my life. I did this so I wouldn't forget to tell the doctor anything when I get in there. I'm really bad about doing that. As I get very nervous about going to a doctor. Don't know why but I do. And I'm taking every step I can think of to ensure that I don't forget to tell him everything.

I know that I will not be any better off come Wednesday but at least I will be on the road to getting better. That's a comfort for me at this point.

God Bless,



Lily Among Thorns said...

Thanks for the comments. I sure wish I had some snow like that. I miss the snow so much, it looks beautiful!