Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Monday!

Good morning everyone. I have been up since about 5:30 this morning,John left for work and then came back in and ask if I could take him to work because his car has no brakes. I said it did over the weekend when I drove it. He said it had them yesterday when J drove it too but now it doesn't. This car has new brakes and stuff on it as we had that done not long ago. So he thinks it has something to do with the brake fluid. I dunno.

Little C woke up for her first day back to school in a bad mood. This child is just not a morning person (neither am I). Once I get her up and moving about she is ok but boy is she cranky at first.

J came home from being out of town on Friday and Saturday with his dad and brother,B had a 2 day wrestling tournament to go to,with a bad cold. And with my leg getting worse I couldn't make the drive down there so J went in my place and he loves it. He wants to go to as many as he can now. LOL

I tried to call my doctor on Friday but his office was closed until today. I was a bit upset by this as I was in so much pain all weekend,the thought of another day is to much sometimes. Even though I know that even if I get the results today I will still be in this pain until I go back to him or he sends me somewhere for help. I suppose it's just the fact of knowing and knowing that it will soon be over with. I'm praying hard for strength during this time, I have had a very difficult time dealing with this. I am angry as well, I am turning this whole thing over to God, I can't carry this on my own and I know all will be well with the Lord.

Well I need to try to get something done here.

God Bless,


Woman's Essence said...

Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas and Happy Holidays. Just to let you know I'll keep you in my prayers in hopes you can be pain free soon. Take care and God Bless...My Best Wishes sent to you and yours for a Very Happy and Blessed New Year

Tammy said...

Thank you very much for the prayers I appreciate it greatly.

God Bless