Friday, January 2, 2009

I haven't been posting's why....

For a few months now I have been dealing with alot of pain going down my left leg and foot. It has progressivly gotten worse as time has passed. And I've sadly become a person that goes as much as I can the natural way to a person counting the hours before I take more Advil and it's not working like it was working.

It took me about a month to get in with my doctor,when I did he sent me to get an MRI. Not my favorite thing as I'm a bit claustrophobic so that was an ordeal all it's own. Right now I'm playing the waiting game. I had the MRI done on the evening of the 29th and with new years well I have been put on the back burner until hopefully today. I honestly don't know how much more of this pain I can take. It has gotten much worse since the MRI,I don't know why,maybe the way I had to lay, I don't know. They propt my legs up a bit with a support pillow but still the only way I can lay with less pain is in the fetal position.

It's all effecting my mood,I'm much more moody than my normal self,I dont' want to do anything. I do push myself to clean my home but not like I want to. I hate to go out shopping because it causes more pain. I feel like a prisoner in my pain and I hate.

My doctor wants to rule out several things on top of finding the root problem of my pain. My dad has narrowing of the spine and 2 bulging discs and has alot of the pain I have and my grandpa has a tumor on his spine. I don't want either one. I'm much younger than the both of them so I don't think that's what is going on with me but I would love for you all to keep me in your prayers that all goes well and my pain is lessened.

I truly believe that it's just a pinched nerve and that an adjustment will do that trick but my doctor is very good and dot all his i's and crosses all his t's before doing the next step. He wants to make sure the adjustment won't cause more pain that help. Thus the reason for the MRI.

I just wanted everyone to know I have not left my blog and why I haven't been posting much.

God Bless,