Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow go away!

I know that many of you would love to see snow and many of you are in an area that is not getting much this year. But here it's overboard! We have had so much snow and ice that the schools have been closed all but 2 days this past week. And to top it off we have an even bigger storm coming this week. YIKES! This makes me happy I'm home bound for now.

Last night John called me while on his way home with our boys after B's wrestling match and said he could hardly see from all the snow coming down. I looked outside and said it's not snowing here (they were in the county North of us),we talked for a short while and then got off the phone. A short while later they came through the door,shaking snow off of them and saying brrrr,you said it wasn't snowing,it is now. Look out there. So I did and boy was it ever snowing,big heavy flakes falling from the skies it was very pretty but very dangerous. With this weather we have had many wrecks and falls in our area. I am very ready for Spring this year!

I am looking forward to church tomorrow. We have not gone for 2 weeks,due to weather and then the Doctor ordering me to stay home. This weekend he said nothing and I really want to go. Then John is taking me grocery shopping. I just hope I can find what I need,with this big storm coming people act like they will never again be able to make it to the store. LOL They buy tons of the basics. That and I hope we can find some salt,we have been out for a couple of weeks and our walk is dangerous at this point.

It is difficult for me to sit by and watch my family take care of things that normally I do. I suppose it's because I'm feeling better and really want to get back to work but they won't let me. They are being very protective of momma. I really have a loving family. I did however get the refrigerator totally cleaned. It looks so good now and has been needing done for several months but with the pain I was in it was not something I could do. John seen it afterward and said Man it looks like a new refrigerator. LOL Slowly but surely I am getting back.

I go back to the doctor Thursday of next week and I should be able to drive after that visit. Even though right now I'm not so sure how much driving I will be doing with all the ice on our road and drive.

I'm rambling now so I'm going to close this.

God Bless,