Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday at my house

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we had another wrestling tournament to go to and that was a bit hard for me. My leg gave me some problems during the whole thing but B was the only one in his team that was undefeated at this meet. I was happy and he was proud of himself and should be,he works hard. J is lifting regularly and gearing up for football next season.

We started going back to Christian Apostolic Church this weekend. The Lord has really been pushing us to get back there. And when we got there,it was like being back with family. It feels like we are meant to be there. It's really hard to explain it but anyone that listens to what the Lord is telling them to do then they know what I'm trying to say.

They called me out for prayer,even though they didn't know where my pain was. The Lord told them and they called it out. It gave me chills and I was emotional. I have prayed and prayed for the Lord to lesson my pain and now it is. From my left knee to my foot and that is where the worse pain was. I'm so grateful to have a saviour that loves me so much. Now the pain is more manageable and I am not as anxious about see that doctor because I know that God will see me through whatever has to happen.

One thing that was a bit out of the norm... Saturday we are sitting at the meet and there's a couple sitting on the same row as we are but not right beside us. I went to the bathroom and came back and the husband asked me. "I hope you don't mind but we were wondering what church you go to" The first thing that popped into my head was CAC so that's what I told him as that is where we were going (and still are). Then we started talking about the Lord and faith. He looked a my husband and said,"when I looked over at you I could see that you are on a path,the Lord has plans for you,when one door closes he will open another". This kind of gave us chills as my husband's company may have to lay off some of their workers due to the lacking economy. I have always felt that what ever happens we will be fine and the Lord will take care of us. Then that out of the blue comment by this man that doesn't know us,kind of confirmed it for us.

The Lord will use others to guide you and help you.

Well I have to head off here. I have to make some pepperoni rolls for tonight.

God Bless,