Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have the most wonderful news!

Last night my oldest son J went with the youth group from church and some of the elders of the church to visit another church and the youth choir was going to sing. Well my son went with them.

He text me afterward and said get everyone up. I said why they are all in bed sleeping but me (couldn't sleep until all my children were safe at home) He said get dad up. Unfortunately Dad was sleeping for the first time all week. Shift works messes his whole system up. He said ok. I felt so bad for him because I had a feeling what it was he wanted to tell me.

He came home and told me HE GOT SAVED!!!!!!!!!!! And to top off that bit of heavenly news........ HE GOT THE HOLY GHOST!!!!!! I'm so happy I could cry and jump up and down.

Next he is going to get baptised at church!!!! I'm so tickled it's not funny. I knew he was on the verge and I'm so pleased he made his break through! PRAISE JESUS!

He told me this morning I feel lighter for some reason. I told him you are not weighed down by sin now. He said I feel great. He is still feeling that extreme high we all get when getting the Holy Ghost, I love it! I'm so so so happy!!!

God Bless,


Doug Joseph said...

I was one of those there and it was totally awesome! Looking forward to the baptism service!

Tammy said...

I am so happy that members of our church family were there to support him and pray with him.

God Bless,