Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wind Storm

We had a wind storm come through last night. The kids and I went to church,John stayed home this evening. When we got there,there was a small amount of rain drops on the windshield of our vehicle. While we were in church,it started raining harder. The lights flickered a couple of times and then went out but then came back on during the service. The wind was strong you could tell even from inside the church. Then flickered again and then went out. So we had church by headlights. LOL Pastor Joseph did a wonderful job not letting the interruption stop his sermon.

On the way home,we noticed leaves and some small branches on the roadway. Once limb along the side of the road that I had to kind of swerve to miss. But not one had electricity,I think that was the most eerie thing it was so dark. Until I got to this small pocket and they all had electricity,a small ways down the road and nothing. We got home and had to stop so J could remove some branches from our road. Still all very dark. When we got up to the house I noticed a couple of branches dangling from the big Maple tree at the corner of our driveway they were intangled with some vines. So I moved my suv up to avoid being hit by them if they were to fall during the night.

This is a picture of the mess I was talking about where we park our vehicles

John said it was crazy and that he and Princess (our dog) went in the basement. He said he tried to get to Keeshum (our other dog) but couldn't. Once the brunt of it passed he and Princess came back upstairs and he lit our lanterns and some candles. Not long after we were home the lights came back on. TTL!

Here is a picture of some broken branches and such in our back yard. This is one of many.

All night long I could hear the wind whaling and whirling about. When John came home from work this morning he told me the neighbors pine tree was up rooted. Looks like we are going to be cutting up a tree soon. LOL

Here you can see the pine tree down it almost reached our driveway!

Our poor grill.
It was an eventful night to say the least. But I know that way we got is nothing compared to those that lost everything out West. Our prayers go out to them.
God Bless,


Doug Joseph said...

I stopped by your blog and read your article with pics of the storm damage out your way. Wow! We also had no power when we got home, but the workers in our area were able to get it back on within a couple of hours. I was impressed with how may stars were visible last night while all the lights were off. "Light polution" is the dreaded bane of astronomers. It was interesting to see how many more than normal were visible. We appreciate you. Check out my blog at