Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woohooo Warmer Temperatures and rude insurance reps!

And no snow! YEA!!!!

I went to the doctor on Thursday for my 2 week check up and all is well. I can now gradually increase my lifting up to 10 lbs and start walking more not much more but a little. He wants me to push myself a little more but not to over do it. I can drive now too! I have to go back in 6 wks.

I went out yesterday for a bit. J's phone wouldn't charge and come to find out the portal where you plug the charger into was broken. So all in all we were at the cellular store for about 2 hours they were extremely busy. Right now he's got a loaner phone while we wait for his new phone to arrive. It was something,the sales rep for our company was very nice,we had to go through the insurance company to get the phone fixed or replaced. Well I got on the phone in the store with the rep right beside me and talked with the girl that was working for the insurance company. They wanted to know exactly how the phone broke and wanted to know of J was available to speak with. I said no but I can call him now. So I called B's phone and John talked to J while I was speaking with the insurance rep on the phone. I told her how it happened and then she made me out to be a liar. She said you just told me you were going to call him. I said yes I already did and my husband is on the phone with him right now. So we went on for about 10 minutes this way. It was like she was not hearing a word I was saying to her. Then on top of it all Little C pushed my purse aside and it hit the speaker phone and they couldn't get it to go off speaker phone. So the whole store heard my conversation with this girl. OY! Then they decided to not cover the phone. The store rep couldn't believe it. So she wrote up some kind of note in the computer and sent it off. In the meantime John is outside talking with the insurance girl's supervisor. I walked out of the store telling John that they were going to try to send it back and see if we can get if fixed for him. He told me to hold on. I took Little C to the restroom and when I got back John was off the phone and told me the supervisor apologised to him for how we were treated and that she had a talk with the girl and they both agreed it should have been covered. So long story short,after going back in the store and calling them again we finally got the claim accepted. drama,drama! LOL

I also made a trip to Good Will,as I try to do on a weekly basis. And boy did I ever hit the jackpot for Little C. I got her 6 skirts and 5 dresses! I was so pleased! And she needed them. Now I have to go through her stuff and get of what is to short now or to small.

God Bless,