Thursday, April 2, 2009

Frugal Challenge:Day 2 Thursday

So far today I have made sure all the lights were off and anything that is plugged in that is not needed is unplugged (actually I have most of these thing now plugged into a strip so I can just turn it off instead of unplugging everything,makes it much easier)

Doing laundry,still using only cold water,1/2 the detergent and softener. Today I'm hanging all the laundry I can instead of using the dryer. Update: I washed 5 loads and hung them all on the line to dry.

Cleaning using my reusable microfiber rags. This way I'm washing and reusing them and not throwing them away and needing to buy more.

Later I am going to mix up some more multi cleaning solution,as I'm almost out.

Spent no money today