Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainy Friday

I sat down to blog and all of a sudden we got a big down pour off rain. It's been raining all morning but when I went outside it was only drizzle,just now it was pouring buckets out there. My pour dog Princess was on the back porch like PLEASE HELP ME! She's laying dry and happy now not far from me.

Well the cold that has been going around all around me has finally caught up with me. I was able to ward it off for a long while but it got me now. I'm so congested and I sound ridiculous when I try to talk so I'm opting to keep my mouth shut for now,something I bet my kids will enjoy. LOL

Well I guess I won't be cleaning the car today. The other stuff on my list will not take much time at all. I have more laundry to get done and sadly have to use the dryer today. It has been raining every other day here,nice and sunny one day and then rainy and nasty the next. It's crazy.

Jason is going to a Spanish Concert with his Spanish class today. I wish I could remember that man's name that they are going to go see but it's escaped my memory for the time being. Soon school will be out and summer will be in full swing.

The trees are starting to bloom out and the days are longer,the sun is warmer,oh how these days make one miss the summer.

Well I have rambled long enough and now I must get off here and get my day going.

God Bless,