Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A turn in the weather

I can't believe how drastic our weather has been this week. I should not be surprised it's not out of the norm here but it doesn't happen as often anymore as it once did. Sunday we had a lovely day,the sun was out,the wind was warm and it felt just great out. Then it rained Monday and Tuesday we woke up to snow! Can you believe that! It's cold and snowy out but I think it's passing us by now,TTL! I'm not a snow person.

Plus I miss utilizing my clothes line on days like this. This frugal challenge really has me thinking of new ways to save money. Even the little things can really add up. If anyone is doing this with me if you would be so kind as to add your link to my blog via a comment either to this post or to a frugal challenge post,I would like to put together a list and post it so others can be directed to your site or blog for inspiration and ideas.

Yesterday John and I sat cutting lambs out for my youth group class,I waited until the last minute to do this and then had to recruit help from my wonderful husband. I really look forward to working with the young ones. Myself and another lady from church run the class and the kids just love it. There's something about that age,where they are so eager to learn as much as they can about God and are not to old or to cool to do the fun stuff.

Well my computer time is about up for this morning. I have to get breakfast started and laundry going.

God Bless,