Friday, May 8, 2009

The Black Bird Saga

I have sometimes gone overboard with things in my life. Yes I know this may come to a total shock to some of you,I don't have it all together! I have been known to do some of the dumbest things and at the time I do them I think I am doing the right thing when in fact I'm messing up. OY!

A few years ago I decided to tear out the ceiling of our back porch. I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen and I knew would just redo it right away. So one day while my dear husband was at work, I stepped onto the back porch and went to work making a big ole mess!

When he got home that evening he arrived to a messy back yard,wood pieces laying about and he looks up and oh boy there was no ceiling. He knew it was there when he left. He turns only to have me there with a big smile on my face proud of what I accomplished that day. I really thought I was helping. NOT! He said "What did you do?" I replied in a cheerful self assured tone "I tore the ceiling out" Yes he could see that much. Why did I was the reply coming back at me. Because we are going to replace it soon and it was ugly so I went ahead and tore it out.

Yes it's true we were going to replace it IN A FEW YEARS! We didn't have the money nor the time to replace it at that time. So now lets fast forward to the present.........

The ceiling on our back porch is still gone! We are still going to redo it but now it's soon for sure. I promise this came from my husband not me. Why did we finally get it in gear to get it done,I'll tell you why.

We cannot step out our back door without a big black bird swooping passed our heads on it's way out from an apparent nest it's build in the cubbies on our back porch ceiling. This bird is crazy! It will fly right by you. In and out of it's nest all day long.

My dear husband in all his glory has grown very tired of this bird and has shoved a piece of board in the place the bird keeps going in and out of. Problem solved! NOPE!

Now the bird is angry with us, I don't have to tell you not to mess with a momma! She's stocking us. Hanging out in the trees near our house in the back. Swooping in and out of the back porch trying to get in to what I assume is her babies. Its mean yes I know but this bird is nuts! To be totally honest I'm not sure if it has eggs or babies in there yet. All we have seen her carry in there are bits and pieces of wood,straw and things to build a nest. Sad thing she now has to build a nest somewhere else,all that work for nothing.

So long story short we are replacing the ceiling to the back porch asap no thanks to me! LOL

Lesson learned from this ordeal,don't jump before I know all the details!

Do I still get ahead of myself,yep I still do but I do try not to.

God Bless,