Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

Good afternoon! We had such a busy weekend I am taking time today to just relax a little. We had a Youth Fire meeting at a sister church,Riverside Apostolic Church and wow was that an awesome meeting. We didn't get home from there until after midnight.

Saturday John's parents came in and we spent the day with them. Church on Sunday was great! Another late night for Sunday evening as the Lords Holy Spirit was so awesome and many were touched and healed. It was great!

Monday a few friends from church came over and we had a nice cookout and fellowship together. It was so nice having them over and we plan on doing this type of thing more often.

So my agenda for today is chill out a little. I'm feeling so much better too. God healed the crushing feeling I had in my back so I'm now able to move about doing things around the house more. My leg is still hurting but less than it was so I think the medicine is starting to work.TTL!

Dinner tonight will be leftovers from yesterday.

God Bless,