Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm making strives!

I have had the conviction to change how my family eats. I use to make our bread,buttermilk,spreadable butter,yogurt. On top of eating more fruits and veggies and whole grains. Well since being down with my back for so long,I opted for the quick convenience of prepackaged convenience foods. As a result we don't feel as well as we normally do.

So in my quest to change my families eating,I'm making small steps. I can't make our bread just yet as I can't be on my feet for very long before pain sets in,but that doesn't mean I can't make a difference in the small steps I take.

Last night's dinner was something my husband wanted to fix all week and was not on the menu until Saturday but being the flexible gal I am,I switched my menu days. No biggie.

So we had BBQ LiL Smokies,grilled smoked sausage,fried potatoes,and as our vegetable I feel and sliced a couple of cucumbers and added just enough Italian dressing so you taste it but not so much that it gets messy on our plates.

A little history here,my kids have never really liked cucumbers but last night was a new page in the Channel Family healthy eating adventures. They loved them! While my pickiest eater in the house Little C was leery of even trying them. She finally gave in once she realized she couldn't leave the table until she at least tried them. Sooooo she did and I heard.... Hmmmm. I asked her so you like them. She looks at me and said NO! Then at the rest of it. She didn't eat all I put on her plate but she tried them (big step for her) and she liked them ok enough to finish the slice she started on.

Baby steps will get you there!!!!

God Bless,


Andrea said...

Hi, Tammy! So sorry you are down with your back. My hopes and prayers are with you for a soon recovery.

Your dinner sounds delicious. When you spoke of the bread you make when you are well, my mouth watered.

You're a wonderful wife and mother.

Many blessings,