Friday, May 29, 2009


Why don't you just get a job? I couldn't stay home,I would be bored to death! But your children are all in school,why are you still staying home?

Do these questions all look familiar? I bet most of you that are homemakers have had one of these question thrown to you at some point or another. Maybe not in these exact words but close to it.

Why does society believe they can tell us how we should live?! Why is it so "bad" to be a homemaker? Why is it viewed and a thing of the past? Why do people have a hard time believe that you can raise a moderate family on one income and do it just fine?

Yes I have asked myself those questions and I bet most of you have to and then some.

In a world that is striving to push us out of our home and into the work force,I am proud to say I am a HOMEMAKER! I work at home, I care for my family,I care for my home. When my children need me I'm here. When my husband needs me I'm here. When my friends or family need me I'm here. They don't have to call my job to get a hold of me. My family is not next in line for me they are first (after God),not some job. When my children look back long after I'm gone they will know momma was there for us. I take pride in that fact!

God Bless,