Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Days Are Here!

Boy do I hate rainy days,especially when they seem to be endless. We have been fortunate to have a few hours of sunshine to enjoy before the line of showers set in. Sadly we have had one death here locally due to the weather. A young woman was sitting on her couch watching tv and a tree uprooted in her yard and fell on her mobile home and killed her. Our prayers are with her family.

Tonight will be my first night back at church since my surgery, I can't do much and have to move slowly but I miss it and look forward to going. I am doing better,moving better but still slowly and I still get sore if I'm on my feet to long (like today,ouch!). But I'm thankful to be able to move about and do little things around here and not feel like I'm so out of the loop.

Can you believe that the school is almost over,just a few more weeks to go and summer begins?! My oldest son Jason will be done in 2 short years,sniff,sniff! Time flies!

John and I will be getting some things planted on our deck in containers soon. I'm eager to get started. I walked out to my old strawberry patch and found out that I still have strawberries in there,yeah!!! I have a lot of work to in there and I'm not looking forward to that,it seems like that even though it's a small garden it's so difficult to weed,the soil is so compacted it's very difficult to work with. But all in do time first get 100% better before working in the gardens, LOL

We are having problems with my suv and had it at the dealers for over a week and of course they could not find a thing wrong. Now we are stuck! Praying we find out what it is and can get it fixed or John can fix it.

I am almost out of blogging time,I have to get ready to leave for church.

So I'll close this for now.

God Bless,


The Happy Housewife said...

We have had a ton of rain here too. I am so thankful today is clear and the kids can play outside!