Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow it's Saturday!!!!

Where did the week go! School began Wednesday for the boys and Thursday for our daughter. All love it,they all like school anyway,but our daughter started her first year at ACA the Christian academy at our church. Awesome school and she really like it. The Lord is blessing our church is so many ways,from new members,the youth groups and the school. Oh God is good!

The spa was so nice. The message was very relaxing although I was in a lot of pain from it in my back and leg but I finished. I figured I may never get the opportunity to do something like this again. It's pricey and well we are not into using our money on things such as this but it was a nice treat. The facial was awesome by far my favorite treatment and if I ever went back for anything it would be that. Both women that worked on me were super nice people and made me as comfortable as they could. I give it all a thumbs up! : )

John was out of town this week on a job and I was left here holding down the fort. What a week,man I missed him and hate him being gone like that but I understand he is doing what he has to do for his family and I respect that in him. God has blessed me with a good man. It was weird being just me and the kids but it seemed like we were so busy the week went by fairly quickly.

We all have moments where we want time to stand still. A time when we just want to enjoy every aspect of life,when things are so good that we are afraid to blink in fear that it will be gone. Life is full of moments like this,life is not about being stuck in one moment but rather living your life and loving all the precious moments that make it up.