Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clutter Cutter Session

I have talked to my daughter about cleaning up her room (yes she knows how) and she kept avoiding it. Soooooo yesterday I dropped her off at school and went into her room and started.

I got a stool to sit on so I wouldn't have to stop due to pain in my back or leg. I stared with her toy box. Geesh that was scary. Once I got it all cleaned out I used the vacuum and swept it,sound weird well it was really dirty. I couldn't believe it. I went through all her toys and threw out the broken ones and got rid of the things she never plays with.

Then I organized all her toys. Put all her polly pocket stuff together. Little pet shop things together. Barbie and bratz stuff together. And her baby dolls and their things together. Her pencils,markers and crayons were put in the homes as well as her books and coloring books.

Then I cleaned out her closet and organized it. Dresses,skirts,shirts in that order. I took everything out of the bottom and went through it all. Anything she doesn't wear and or doesn't fit (shoes) they went,same with clothes. After the floor of her closet was cleaned out I vacuumed it. Then put it all back in minus a few. : )

Then I polished her bedroom furniture and swept her whole floor. The room looked a million times better.

When she got home from school she was so happy her room looked so nice and she could still find all her stuff. She didn't even miss that other stuff.

Later she comes up to me and says "Mom,since I cleaned my room" I said "Oh since You cleaned it,huh" She started laughing and said "You know what I mean." LOL

Now to keep her on her toes and keep it looking like this,that's the trick.