Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday's Plans and some rambling

Good morning everyone. It's another chilly start here in NCWV,it's really feeling like fall now. I love snuggling under the warm blankets but hate getting up each morning and leaving the warmth.

I am happy to say that I now have 2 turkeys setting in our freezer down stairs,one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Now for Christmas I usually make a turkey and a ham but my parents buy the ham and I fix it,reasonable deal to me. I got both turkey's on sale at a great prices and I feel really good about that. Now I'm ready to go!

The next couple of months are always a bit more stressful for me. Yeah I know that it's like that for most people this time of year but a bit more for me or at least I think so. My oldest son has a birthday right around Thanksgiving,my birthday is the first of December and then there's the big one Christmas. We have done some shopping just for the kids. We finally managed to get a list from our oldest. We don't go over board with them but do try to get them a few nice things and then the practical stuff they need. We also have several dinner parties to attend next month and we always take a dish with us to present. By the evening on Christmas I'm dog tired. LOL

I have an appointment to get my hair cut this morning. I'm ready for something new. I have curly hair so I'm a bit leary but I know this lady really knows her stuff when it comes to curly hair. My hair is just to long and thick and I can do nothing with it so it's time to change it up a bit. Then I'm going to head to KMart they are having a sale on some jewlery. My youngest son is wanting a gold chain and they have them on sale of 19.99 and I want to get our little one a pair of gemstone earings. She can only wear gold and these are 14 carot gold for only 9.99. All of these are on sale this week and will go back up next week so I'm grabbing them while I can. Now the big thing is hiding all the stuff we get now from the kids!!!

God Bless,