Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Good morning everyone. I'm sitting at my desk and I can hear the rain hitting the roof. Yesterday was a very nice day,nice and warm and the sun even came out for a while. Today it's going to be cooler and rainy all day,what a change.
I didn't get to go out with my mother yesterday but we are going to go out on Friday for lunch. I did however get taken out for a very nice dinner at Apple Bees with my lovely family. I really enjoyed and Carissa actually ate,she rarely does that.
There's not much on the agenda for today other than cleaning and such. B is home with me today and will be for a few more days. He got kicked out of school for 5 days for fighting.It was self defense but with new guidelines they suspend all involved. I'm upset but not with him,he was only doing what we all would have done,he pushed to boy off of him. He only bumped the boy in the hall way on his way to class and the boy went off on him for doing it even after B appologised to him. B never hit him just pushed him off of him and he got suspended,it really makes no sense to me but they say they have no choice in the matter.
Well it looks like I'm out of time on here,I have to get Little C up and ready for school.
God Bless,