Thursday, January 31, 2008

Starting out not a scheduled!

LOL what else is new right! LOL I got up this morning like always and started getting ready for my day. At 7 am I got Little C up to get her ready for school. When I got her up she started complaining and crying about not feeling good. I told her she was going to school so stop it. She does this sort of thing daily because she hates getting up early,so I thought nothing of it.

She starts getting ready and when it was time for her to brush her teeth,I walked to the bathroom to check on her and she was getting sick. I told her to change her clothes and go back to bed. Right now she's laying down and watching cartoons.

I'm lucky John is home,I have to go to physical therapy today,I will only be gone 1 to 2 hours anyway so he can manage that long taking care of a sickie! My poor baby! I hate seeing her get sick.

Well I'm off now to start picking up some around here before leaving.

God Bless,