Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is going on!

I normally don't take to the side of blurting out my personal feelings on certain matters that I feel are personal to me or my family or beliefs. But I just have to put this out there and some may agree and others may not and that's fine it's your choice.

What is going on with young ladies! I have been becoming more and more disgusted with the behavior of young ladies. The clothing they are wearing is rediculous and much to suggestive for their young age,they paint their faces and prance around like they are much older than they are. Then they get upset when they are treated with disrespect.

What happened to parents teaching their daughters to respect their bodies and cover themselves up and act like a young lady? What happen to parents teaching their daughters they are special in the eyes of God and they should hold to their innocense for as long as they can?

Why do parents think it's ok for their 9 year old daughter to dress and look like she's a teenager? Why do we allow more and more and why don't we as parents just stop the behavior before it puts our daughters at risk for some sick minded person? Why are we not teaching our daughters to value themselves and their bodies?

Have we as parents been driven by what society says is apporiate for our daughters? Or have we just lost the respect for ourselves as women and have passed that onto our daughters! I for one don't want my daughter to grow up with such a fly by the moment view of her body and be like every one else and let it all hang out so to speak. Have we gotten so wrapped up in raising strong independent women that we forgot the fundeamentals for repect and modesty? Then we sit and wonder why we have so many underaged mothers in our midst. Hmmmm.... this one really confuses me. Please don't lay blame on someone else take charge and teach by example. Our little girls look unpon the women in their lives as examples of how to look and act. We mold what they think a woman is about. So when you see something you don't like in your daughter,stop it before it gets out of hand by first looking at what she may be seeing as her example.

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; -1 Timothy 2:9

God Bless,


Lanelle said...

Tammy I agree with you. I live in California and let me tell you these girls look like tramps. My son is in high school and I just can't believe how they dress. They are wearing skirts and thongs and when they bend over you see .... pretty sick. But another thing where are these dads...I can't believe that these dads would want their girls looking like this. I know what dads did in school and you think they wouldn't want their daughters being another boys toy and when they are done with this on they move to the next one. I know that my 13 year old doesn't even try to ask for any of these clothes she knows her dad and I would never approve. \Another thing...when they dress this way and are raped - well I blame the parents.
I'm so glad someone else feels the way I do. Praise the Lord I'm not alone.