Saturday, November 29, 2008

Busy Saturday and new background

New holiday theme background,what do you think of it?

Well we will be off today,B has a wrestling scrimmage in another county,this is the first one I've ever gone to. Well this is the first year he's wrestled so good reason huh. LOL I've heard these things last a long time like track meets,I'm hoping that since this is only a scrimmage it's not an all day thing.

John parents may be dropping by this evening for a visit and to give J his birthday gift,they are doing this because they can't make it back up this way tomorrow. He wants to go to the mall with some friends for a while. That boy seems to want to run run run nowadays. I have told him he needs to stay at home some weekends there's no sense in running around all the time doing this and that it can lead you to trouble. Going sometimes is ok but not every weekend.

Well I hear Princess at the back door wanting in so my blogging time is officially over for now.

God Bless