Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy Busy Month

I have been so busy this month. First I had to deal with everyone getting sick and still fighting this sinus thing. Seems to want to stick around for while,ugh! I've been getting the house ready for next week. We finally got the house decorated,it all got completed a bit later this year than normal due to us being busier this year than normal.

We have been traveling alot with B,for wrestling. He's doing so well for his first year and he's learning so much and improving each time. I'm very proud of him. We head to Parkersburg this weekend for a meet. It time consuming but he loves it so it's worth it.

I have almost all of our Christmas shopping finished. I didn't think I would ever get it done. I have had to pick some times and just go out,otherwise I wouldn't get it done. I did alot of our shopping online but there are just some things that you want to see and touch and really look at before buying. So those things I get at a store. I have only a few more things to get and I'm all done. Hopefully I will be able to get those things tomorrow morning.

Christmas Eve we are going to John's parents for brunch and gift exchange. Then probably head to his dad's for gift exchange before heading home. Once we get home we have to go to his aunts for gift exchange then back home to do the finishing touches on everything for the following day.

The kids are all getting so excited. It's so cute I knew Little C would be but to see B and J all excited this year really makes this a special year.

It will be hard as well,we have lost two loving members of our family this year and this being the first Christmas without them,it's going to be tough. But we have family and they have us and we support one another to help each other through times like this.

I still have to do some baking.I'm not usually this lagging but then again I'm not usually this busy. LOL

Well that's all the time I have so I'm going to close this for now.

God Bless!