Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

I know it's been a while since I last posted. So much going on,I felt a little overwhelmed and well the computer was neglected a bit. We had a nice Christmas.

The kids of course woke us up way to early,so we did as we normally do,made them suffer. LOL We sat and had our coffee while they anxiously waited to start our gift opening tradition,once we finished our coffee,John read the Scripture to us of Christ birth and then and only then were they allowed to begin. LOL I thought they were going to bust at the seams. LOL

After all was done I headed into the kitchen to start on our feast. I worked all morning long. It was a good morning for us and I felt at peace and blessed with our lives. Glad to have one another and glad to have God in our lives.

I called my mother and asked when they would be coming because they normally eat with us. She said "I dunno" I asked her if they could come soon. She said "I suppose" So I got off the phone an continued to work. They never showed up,so I called when our food was almost done and said "if ya'll are coming you need to get here now because the food is almost done". She said "Ok" that was that. A short time later they were here. I was hurt by all this. When my mother walked in she seemed to not want to be here. I don't understand this at all. Maybe she's tired of having our meals here,but I don't get that because we have asked if they would like to have the meal at their house and they decline each time asked. When my brother and his girlfriend and baby come her face lit up and she as happy and bubbly. That hurt my feelings bad. It's been a weird holiday season with she and I for some reason. Ever since I was a child all the way up until last year we unwrap gifts and stuff like that together,this year they brought ours,we unwrapped and they left with my brother and his klan. I was very very hurt by this. I don't understand.

So that brings me to my next decision that I spoke over with John. Next year we are going to go the their house after all of our stuff is done and exchange our gifts and then come back home. I feel that my mother just didn't want to be here this year. I'm hurt yes,very hurt. But I'll get over it,she my mother and I love her but things have to change on this end. I felt used and pushed aside. I won't go through that again. I'm sorry if no one agrees with me but that's how it is.


InspirationStation said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas overall. I know it must have been tough this year with what semmed like a lack of interest from your mother- I can totally relate! My husband and my first Christmas in our own house was hard because I invited my parents to come to our place the morning of to watch our 2 year old son open presents and only my dad and brother came while my mom stayed home claiming to be too busy cooking to come. It really hurt my feelings but I'm guess my mom's feelings were just as hurt since she decided not to come.