Monday, March 30, 2009

Dreary Monday

Looking out my window I see,the wind blowing the massive pine trees from side to side ever so lightly,almost like they are dancing. If I look up towards the Heavens I see a grey and overcast sky. The feel of a gloomy cool day has set in. Yuck!

Yesterday at church we had a celebration service of 38 years for our church were it is now. We had an absolutely awesome service. God's power was felt all over. The Holy Ghost was awesome. It was a powerful Holy Ghost led service,can't ask for anything better than that.

After the service we had a dinner and fellowship. I just love these types of things,although I never get to stay as long as I would like to. John doesn't like crowds so he's ready to go as soon as possible. LOL

Most of us at the church came together to make yesterday a success. Some helped to clean inside and out of the church. Some of us women helped with the cooking in the kitchen and getting things set up for the dinner. It was a great show of love for our church community and one another. We all helped each other as it should be. And it all went so smoothly.

I have decided to stop going to physical therapy. I'm calling my doctor about it this morning.

Today will be the typical busy Monday. I do no cleaning or anything if at all possible on the Sabbath so I have double duty today. Mostly laundry but the floors need cleaning and the bathroom well today is the day I give it a good cleaning so that won't be so bad and shouldn't take to long.

I'm also hoping to get to the grocery store today. I'm almost out of gas and I really don't want to stop at the station closest to our house they are so high. If I get to the store today I can go to one close to Kroger. I don't know why the one close to my house is so high but it's usually 10 - 15 cents higher than any other.

I'd best get off here and get busy if I want to get to the store.

God Bless,