Friday, May 15, 2009

Feel A But Down

I had my 2 wk post op appointment yesterday and it didn't go as I was hoping it would,but it did go as I thought it would. Does that make sense?

Since the surgery has had no effect on the pain level in my left leg,he put me on Lyrica but it will take at least a week before I feel any relief from it. ~Sigh~ Before that I have to take the pain meds he prescribed me,I cannot express how much I hate taking these things but I have no choice in the matter right now.

I still cannot do much around the house so it looks like hubby is still going to be helping me out a lot.

I know this is a down post and I hate posting things like this,but I had to get this off my chest so to speak. I pray that I am soon back to myself and posting uplifting and positive posts for all to read.

I have so many ideas for my bog. There are many things I was to post about and such. But first things first my health is on the front burner right now. Good things to come for Blessings Abundant.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to here this bad news about your surgery and what not. I do look forward to these exciting posts you have in mind for your blog! Keep posting for the Lord!