Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going Shopping

My goal this month is to make a menu out for a month and then make a grocery list with it. So I sat down yesterday with paper and pen in hand,a printable monthly menu calendar and my inventory list.

Remember I shop at home first so that's where I started. Making as many meals as I could from home first then adding stuff that I didn't have to my list. I did really well as I am stocked up very well. I actually only needed to add a few freezer items to my grocery list for the whole month. The rest came from my freezer stock. I was happy at the end to have 1 pork loin,1 whole chicken,1 package of chicken thighs and drumsticks,and one bag of skinless boneless chicken breast left for next month.

If this works well for me I could cut my shopping trips down tremendously and with our given financial situation (that I will talk about more at a later date) it is a very good thing for us. Now I know I will have to go a couple times to get milk,eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables but the bulk of my shopping Lord willing with be done in one trip. Just think of all the time I will have to do something I have been wanting to do for a while like practice sewing. Yes I know shame on me I'm well into my 30's and I can't sew,well not very well anyway. But I'm learning and that's the important thing. Ok back on topic,I was able to with my menu in hand schedule in 3 times a month for our family to go out to dinner. Twice to a sit down restaurant and once to a fast food joint. This way we are not going over board but still not going cold turkey so to speak.

With any luck I will be successful with this goal and save my family more money that we can put toward something else like vacation money or home improvements.

God Bless,